Someone’s going to have to produce something amazing to stop this being my album of the year! We don’t give scores but if we did, this is 666/10
UK Thrashers
13 July 2020
Thrash album of the year - No matter what or who may come.. A masterpiece.! 10/10
Zephyr's Odem
9 July 2020
A better thrash record hasn't been released 'until now!
22 July 2020
Worship Metal Album Of The Week – Onslaught – Generation Antichrist
Worship Metal
1 July 2020
In any case, the antichrist at ONSLAUGHT is more effective and brutal than at KREATOR, and that means something! ONSLAUGHT have recorded the Thrash Metal album 2020 with "Generation Antichrist"
25 July 2020
An indispensable release for every Thrasher and in this area for me personally the album of the year so far!
Crossfire Metal
19 July 2020