A Perfect Day To Die 3:55
A Perfect Day To Die // Official Music Video // AFM Records
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66 Fucking 6 (2014) Official Video.
Chaos Is King
Chaos Is King (2013) Official lyric video.
Killing Peace 4:22
Killing Peace - 360 Degrees 4K Video Clip - Tellus Studio.


Taking a break after "Black X-Mass"

Following a recent health issue for Onslaught guitarist Nige Rockett, the band will take a short break from touring after the upcoming Black Xmas Festival in Sweden on Dec 15th to focus on writing and recording new material for their next studio album.
Nige comments:
“Following an accident in Germany whilst on the last 'Thrash til the Death' tour I suffered quite a severe blunt force trauma injury, which resulted in me receiving a partially collapsed lung and internal bleeding. At the time the severity of my injury wasn’t that apparent but a few days later before the show in Pavia, Italy, paramedics had to be called to the tour bus and it was only then that I had an idea of the extent of the incident. Immediately after the show, and under the paramedic’s advice, I went to hospital and after more extensive tests I was told that they wanted to admit me for at least a week in order to stabilise and treat the injury.
The doctors informed me that my condition, whilst very serious, was not immediately life threatening so I decided to take a chance and see out the rest of the tour playing the last 7 shows.
Recovery is going slowly, but be assured that we will still be thrashing out at the Black Christmas Festival in Sweden! Taking some time off after that is the perfect opportunity to get the writing process in full flow and make some new 'Slaught' music..!
We have tons of great ideas in the pipeline and some very cool and exciting announcements to come in early 2018..!”



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Wednesday, 01 April 2020